Why Choose A WEG Advisor

WEG advisors are independent professionals who are who have access to a variety of investment products and services to suit your objectives. They can assist in a variety of ways:

  • Assess your relevant financial history, such as tax returns, investments, retirement and estate planning, wills, and insurance policies.
  • Review your net-worth statement, examine your debts, and determine if any should be consolidated, paid off from other available funds, or refinanced.
  • Help you decide on a financial plan, based on your personal and financial goals, history, preferences, and psychological investment risk-level.
  • Identify financial areas where you may need help, such as building up a retirement income, improving your investment returns, buying or selling an insurance policy, tax saving suggestions, etc.
  • Write down a financial plan based on your individual situation in language you can understand and discuss it thoroughly with you to make sure you are comfortable with it.
  • Help you implement your financial plan, including referring you to specialists, such as lawyers or accountants, if necessary.
  • Review your situation and financial plan periodically and suggest changes in your program when needed.

Please contact us at 800-765-5004 x. 270 if you would like to be referred to a financial professional in your area.