Letter From the President

Thank you for your interest in World Equity Group and for visiting our site. As a practicing financial advisor I grew tired of my previous broker dealers constantly making change for the sake of change, and the change never seemed to benefit me as a representative or my clients. The decisions of most broker dealers are generally made by individuals who have never been successful on the sales side and most have never had a client. Welcome to World Equity Group, a firm that was built and continues to be run by top producing financial representatives who see things as you do, from the same side of the table as our clients.

Relationships have always been the key to the financial services business. At World Equity Group our tag line is "Where Relationships are the Difference". We are never going to be the biggest firm on the street but we are not the smallest either. We are continuing to grow by adding high quality advisors and representatives who put their clients first. We have both a thriving retail business and growing institutional side of the business. Although you are assigned a representative number at World Equity Group; you will not be treated as just a number.

When I think of World Equity Group as an advisor, I think of flexibility. Every advisor's business is different and every advisor has their own unique way of doing things. Whether you have a fee-based approach, commission approach or a blend of the two, World equity Group has a solution for your practice. . We have a diverse platform that allows you to do business your way as long as you put your clients first. We offer multiple clearing platforms from Pershing, RBC and TD Ameritrade. There are also multiple technology options. It's up to you to choose what's best for your practice and your clients. We don't believe in mandatory technology fees or mandatory affiliation fees. If you don't use it, why should you pay for it? At World Equity Group the system is fair; you pay for what you use. We also offer weekly payrolls to put the money you've earned in your hands faster. We do not have different payout schedules for different products where one dollar is treated differently than another. All dollars are treated at the same pay-out. We feel that we have the fairest, most flexible system in the industry.

Our success is solely based on your success and your happiness.

I invite you to explore a little bit more about World Equity Group by viewing this site and hope you will take the next step and take a closer look by visiting with us.

Thank you for considering World Equity Group - Where Relationships Are the Difference.

Richard Babjak